Welcome to the blessing circle

There is always a space here for you

And all that you choose to bless in this world

In 2021, I held monthly blessing circles online with people all across the world.  Our circle was a powerful amplifier for peoples’ dreams and well wishes amidst the challenges we faced that year.  Each person would hold a personal blessing or prayer for someone or something outside of themself.  It could be anything that they wanted to bring more loving attention to in the world.   I would receive the blessings and work with each one, everyday for a week.  Every morning I would offer up the prayers, singing them into ocean at sunrise, with the support of the Creation energy.

At some point during the week, I would be guided to record one of the transmissions and then share it with the group.  This recording is from April 2021 and the transmission is timeless.

Would you like to offer up a blessing now?

Choose something or someone that you would love to bless.  Set the intention for them to receive the fullness of grace and support you are extending to them.  Speak your blessing aloud and enter the circle.  Know that we hold a space for you and for all the light you are spreading.

Relax and receive the codes of Creation in this recording.  May they support ever expanding light in our world now.

April 1, 2021

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Thank you for your support!