Hi, I’m Danielle Brooks

Hi, I’m Danielle Brooks

I am a sacred singer, a globetrotting adventurer and a torchbearer of the larger vision and higher realms.

For the past 20 plus years, I have served as a Spiritual teacher and healer, assisting people all over the world to reconnect to their truth, inner power and highest joy.

I carry the Creation codes that when sung, open Universal wisdom, initiate sacred expansion into Oneness and offer profound healing.

I am a way shower to Divine Surrender, freedom and living in alignment with Soul Essence.

Some credentials, sources of inspiration and influences

  • Nature is my religion. Mother Earth is my devotion. All Beings are my brothers and sisters. The future is ancestral. All is All.

  • I am an eternal student of the light, dedicated to a life of self-directed study.
  • For 19 years, I worked closely with Faith Healers, Spiritist Centers and Psychic Surgeons in Brazil and the Philippines who were foundational in my learning and growth

  • I appreciate a lot of freedom and spaciousness to play, live and explore. What I offer is a by-product of that living.
  • I hold a PhD in Human Development and Religion, and a Master of Divinity in Metaphysics.

  • In 2017 I began working in a dedicated way with our Earth’s water. Thanks to two floods that left me free to roam, I travel as guided around the globe in service to our sacred waters.
  • Daily prayer and meditation are my cornerstones. Stillness and retreat are my soul food. Extended time in remote regions has profoundly shaped my connection with life.
  • I created The Sharing Project, a collection of miraculous healing stories with 92 people from 21 countries that spanned 8 years. Based in compassionate listening and appreciative inquiry, these inspirational sharings are testaments of courage, resilience and hope.
  • I served as Director of Health and Wellness for an International Organisation implementing free education programs and hosting events committed to Integrative Health.

  • Combining a passion for grass roots with a global dj and hosting career, I helped build community based tv and radio stations in Australia, NZ and Canada. Each championing local and regional creative voices and independent artists.