A friend of mine has recently taken to sending me pictures of arranged fruit that her brother makes every day.  Together, we both marvel at his ingenuity and passion.  They are a thing of beauty.  A daily celebration of  living and creating joyfully.

I believe we are all artists and our medium is life.  In every given moment, each one of us is creatively shaping and forming a reality of our choosing.  Sometimes we are keenly aware of this, though often times, we are not.  It’s easy to sleep walk through life,  doing what we think we are supposed to, or what we’ve always done, without ever questioning why.  But when we create with intent and are focused on heartfelt impulses, life becomes magical.  Even the smallest acts become a feast for the senses.

Some creations are fleeting, others are seemingly invisible.  But don’t let this fool you.  Every expression of love expands into a greater experience of love.  Like a drop of water that joins in becoming a great sea, your energy flows out into the Universe expanding and amplifying.  Long after the fruit platter has been eaten, the energy it was created with remains.  It’s even seeding inspiration in me right now.

I love knowing that somewhere out there in this world, there is a man who expresses himself through exquisite fruit platters.  His daily practice has got me thinking.   Simple gestures like this often have the most impact.   How can I bring even more joy into my everyday life?  What simple routine can I turn into a ritual?  How much fun can I have doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way?

Go on, I dare you.. I bet you are wondering the same thing.

If this isn’t art, I don’t know what is.

May 27, 2021

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