The third and final part on our series on faith healing in the Philippines is with famed Philippine spiritual healer Rev. Alex Orbito.  Filmed in Canada in the autumn of 2015, this would sadly be his last interview.

We had an opportunity to sit down together briefly before he began an intensive weekend of work.  Alex was foundational in my learning and growth.  Over the years he remained an incredible inspiration and mentor for me.  One of the greatest healers of our time, he dedicated his life to helping others with humility, generosity and gentle warm-heartedness.  Rev. Alex Orbito passed away July 6, 2020.  His was a truly beautiful path of service.

Rev. Alex Orbito started his healing mission at the age of 14 through the premonitory dream of a paralyzed elder, who could walk again after he treated her. His reputation spread quickly and he became a well known and sought after spiritual healer both nationally and internationally by patients, doctors and scientists.

The actress and bestselling author Shirley Maclaine described her personal healing experiences in the famous book “Going Within”, which made him known across the world. He travelled to more than 70 countries, treating everyone who sought healing of body, mind and soul.

Apart from his work as a healer, he founded the Philippines Healers Circle Association in 1983 of which he was voted President for Life as well as the Spiritual Help Foundation providing scholarships and financing community work and education centers in the areas of Cuyapo and Pangasinan. He was conferred the Honorary Doctorate title by the UN World Brotherhood Congress in 1985 for “outstanding and dedicated Envoy for Universal Peace, Goodwill and Understanding” and he received the prestigious Jose Rizal Award in 2000 for his humanitarian work in the Philippines and abroad

Despite the unbelief and scepticism, Rev. Alex Orbito has for nearly five decades, worked patiently and persistently for the awareness of spiritual and holistic healing in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world. Having touched over a million ailing bodies, he is always quick to disclaim personal praise, saying that he is only an instrument of divine powers.

In 1999, he inaugurated the Pyramid of Asia Healing Center where international healing seminars and gatherings are being held to meet, learn, heal and grow.

In 2006, the Pyramid for Light Foundation was created, of which he was not only the Chairman but also the inspiring visionary and spiritual leader.

Heal YourSelf was a web tv show produced and presented by Danielle Brooks in association with New Earth Project.  Danielle was Senior Director of New Earth’s Health & Wellness Faculty from 2015 -2017.

August 6, 2020

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