This morning I am thinking of you and this circle of life.

How are you choosing to live it?

For me, a path of trust has always spoken deepest to my heart. Living where I breath, one step at a time is my way and it’s always teaching me. It’s a radical investment in faith and grace that strips away absolutely everything….  until I only want what I need.   And it’s taken me on walkabout across the globe for 3+ decades now. It’s how I met you.

This letting go into allowing is Divine surrender. It’s a dance with life’s magic and mystery. It asks me to spread my wings and believe they will carry me higher.  To lean into the grace of life. To trust what I do not yet see. To listen to my heart. To let go of safety nets. To remember that we are made to soar.

When I fully meet it, I find there is goodness and beauty everywhere.

Of course, I spend my fair share of time stumbling too. It’s par for the course. Facing self doubts, fear and insecurities.. is the learning. How else can we truly meet ourselves?  It’s not easy, but I remind myself time and again that nothing worth living ever is.

This photo above is from my last morning on the Gatineau river, Sunday past.  Her parting gift to me, as she lay serene and still, so unlike the massive swells of her flood waters that took my home away in 2019.  Twice her floods broke me wide open. Like birthing waters.. they pushed me out.  Leaving is never easy. This land is my flesh and blood. So this morning’s gentle send off was a gracious soothing balm. A blessing forward.

My too short time in Canada has come to an end. Onwards and upwards into the new. This time Mexico beckons.

The circle continues to spiral ? widening into new lands, loved ones, languages and dreams yet realized.

November 10, 2021

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