Greeting the dawn to sing the water blessings has been a dedicated practice of mine for some years now.

Since 2017 I have travelled all over our beautiful globe to work with our waters and in return, they’ve never ceased to inspire and teach me.

This practice has changed now that I’m in the high deserts of New Mexico. Water is scarce here and my sunrise hikes to a small mountain creek don’t inspire photos like this one.

But still I go, every day, and I’m so grateful for the precious sweet waters.  Their life giving presence never taken for granted.

I came across this picture and smiled in memory.  I wanted to share with you just how happy this morning was.

I’d been sick for weeks with shingles in my left ear and down my neck. The pain was beyond excruciating and functioning made impossible. The first morning I felt strong enough to go down to the water’s edge I stumbled down in pj’s and bath robe.

The sun was just rising and I felt all this warm love radiating back into me on the gentle breeze. So I snapped a rare selfie and let the light and water wash over me. I could feel all that healing love pouring through every cell. And it brought me to tears.

They say the natural world mirrors us. I think we are mirrors for one another.

Our respect and care for the natural world around us is amplified a thousand fold back to us each time we extend love and appreciation.  Be it a fur friend, a bumblebee, a sunrise or a veggie garden.. we are blessed in a million ways through the world and all our companions.

To each of you I wish a radiant warm sunrise smile upon your day, everyday.  May what you bless, bless you in return.

September 9, 2023

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