Twenty years ago today, my view was very different.

Some of what I learned from  9/11:

There is more that connects us then separates us
There is goodness and kindness to be found in strangers
When we break, we break open

I had just moved from my beloved home in Australia to the Big Apple and truly was a stranger in a strange town. My newly begun life rendered obsolete and by the end of the day I was with all the other displaced and lost staying in Union Square.

What I remember most and hold dear to my heart were all the little gestures of kindness that made a world of difference.  The lone cabby on Houston that picked me up &  gave me $20, the hot shower in a stranger’s tiny walk up, the vigils held 24/7 and everywhere the support and applause for our incredible first responders. Oh, and the tsunami of care that poured forth from the world around us took my breath away.

It’s so easy to forget the little gems, especially when everything feels impossibly grey and heavy. But they help me find my footing every time (I remember to remember). Amazing what the smile of a stranger can do.

What I know to be true is that everything can change in an instant. Breaking points can become heart openings. Small kindnesses can build mountains.  The world can surprise and delight us.

As the sun comes up today, I count my blessings and I remember you. ❤️

September 11, 2021

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