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The Sharing Project

Based in compassionate listening and appreciative enquiry, The Sharing Project offers fresh insights, wisdom and inspiration to help transform our lives from victim to victor, observer to visionary.

Participants to date have ranged in age from 9 to 92 and included famed healers, teachers and quietly heroic individuals alike. Each one is unique and yet each resonates with the simplicity of gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness and love; the cornerstones of healing.

When we are fully present with one another and listen with compassion and sensitivity, we open up enormous potential for release, healing and growth. Many of these sharings are weaved into the workshop series “Living Your Potential”.
This project grew out of a desire to create a sacred space for individuals to celebrate their life journeys.

It’s a process that offers a heightened sense of clarity of life situations and awareness of the gifts each challenge brings.

It is a sincere wish that in collecting these stories that they might serve to honor and celebrate our life journey, inspire courage in those facing difficulties and offer guidance on how best to move forward.


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