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Danielle works with people all across the globe. The following is a sample of testimonials from people that have experienced her sessions.

Thank you for this amazing encounter! Cleansing, releasing, welcoming, are words which come to mind. Such peace is floating through me. Thank you for being who you are, you have calmed and re-assured me of my next steps. My soul sings!!
~ A. Savaria

Danielle is a very gifted healer. She is a jewel, a treasure, and the embodiment of love at its purest level. I have just completed another round of sessions with Danielle. The work is even deeper, more profound and the shifts exactly what my soul was calling for. The work is so very impressive and Danielle is truly pure grace light. I am deeply grateful.
~ C. Starr

Danielle is an amazing therapist! I am so glad I came.
~ A. Kislik, Harvard Law Review Attorney

Danielle's loving spirituality and her immense psychic gifts are difficult to describe and impossible to forget once experienced.
~ Judge S. Fowler

Once again the healing was a wonderful experience, thank you! Afterwards I felt as though every cell in my body was vibrating, an experience like that I felt with John of God.
~M. Davis

Last year I developed Depuytren's contracture. It causes the tendons of the hand to seize up so the fingers become claw-like. After trying many healing modalities, I was beginning to think nothing would shift the pain or stop the growing tightening in my fingers. Then.... I had a 40 minute long-distance phone session with Danielle!

As the sound healing washed over me, a presence so ancient, wise and gentle seem to settle all around me. The sounds coming over the phone were otherworldly, and yet oddly familiar and comforting as a lullaby. The session left me truly relaxed... two days later, my hands straightened, the tendons eased, and the constant pain simply left my hands and has never returned. Danielle is amazing!
~ A. Warner

Thank you for showing me the path to calm my body, mind and soul. It was a beautiful wonderful session. I feel peace, freedom, clear breathing and release.
~ Dr. F.G. Pediatrician

Today was an unbelievable experience for my children. I hardly have words to express my gratitude. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul.
~ D. Bergstein

I have felt so compelled to let you know how transformative the healing session was with you! You said the clearing would help to make decisions clearer and did it ever! I feel more connected to my purpose, I am more aware and I see many little affirmations every day that I'm on the right path. Thank you for your gentleness, kindness and beauty. You are such a remarkable person and I feel so infinitely blessed to have been able to receive such an extraordinary healing with you as the conduit for it!
~ C. Weston

Danielle's work resounds deeply in people's souls. Her compassion and deep connection to Spirit allow a co-creation of healing to occur. She empowers people and holds the energy of a group in deep respect and Spirit answers the call. We always have a full house when she comes and smiles as they go home.
~ C. Fead, Golden Sun Healing Centre

I have been enchanted and enlightened this lifetime with Danielle Brooks and her amazing healing powers. Her mission of sharing and working with unconditional love results in my constant development as a better human being for this planet as well as guiding me toward fulfilling my true destiny. There is no greater gift than that. I am blessed that she is part of my soul consciousness now and forever!
~ B. Diaz

Danielle's light language in song blessed every part of me with gentle love. The session was extremely insightful, giving me an array of wonderful suggestions for enabling me to access that love on my own. Danielle has provided fertile ground for me to do my work.
~ M. Ganeles

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