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Danielle is available for speaking and teaching engagements on many aspects of health and wellness. Please email her for further details.

Living Your Potential : Workshops to Inspire and Support the Individual in Pursuit of Well Being and a Joy Filled Life.

This series of workshops explores ways to create your unique path forward towards a life of authenticity and empowerment. We look at ways to transform ourselves into visionaries capable of creating a life filled with peace, abundance and health.

How do we begin to take the steps towards a greater sense of connection and compassion towards ourselves and with the world around us? We explore how healing occurs and how the healer is within each of us; why self responsibility is the most empowering act of self love, and how to move out of fear and into living in your truth and integrity, guided by unconditional love and wisdom.

Each one of us is unique and equipped with gifts, abilities and talents that are completely original. And we all walk the same path forward when we desire a joy filled life; one that is balanced, rewarding and uplifting. Living Your Potential looks at ways to enhance and inspire change as you create the life you want to live.




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