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  Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks has spent her life living and traveling the world respectfully learning the traditions and values of ancient and emerging cultures.

Her role is as a catalyst and facilitator for people to create profound change in their lives. She works with Divine Energy as a trance medium and well being coach dedicated to heart centered consciousness and empowerment.

As a Canadian who has spent her life in both remote and densely populated areas she has learnt one basic truth: there is more that brings us together then separates us. But we have to open our hearts, our minds and our spirits to one another. Her life is a living mosaic of these experiences and she brings this celebration of diversity and richness with her into all aspects of her work.

For many years she had a successful global career in music and radio before a series of circumstances in 2000 left her at rock bottom. This was the end of one life and the beginning of another. With the firm belief that we can heal ourselves, she set out to do exactly that, not realizing that her path ahead would eventually be to assist others facing similar challenges. It was her calling.

This journey has created a very unique approach in both her personal life and her healing work. She has profound faith in our ability to transform ourselves and the world around us. She derives great joy from exploring life to its fullest.

Danielle is presently based in North America.

Danielle Brooks
Danielle Brooks
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